Andreja Brulc (London, England)

10: Beautiful

The text is taken from the novel A Day in Spring (1953) by the Slovene writer Ciril Kosmac. The novel is set in the author’s native landscape along the Idrijca river.
The author, who himself spent many years living in exile before WWII (including some time in London), suffuses his prose with nostalgia and a sense of longing for his native environment.

The project explores the word ‘beautiful’ in the context of the experience of one’s native landscape. This has drawn on the artist’s regular visits back to her native Slovenia and her subsequent understanding of the important role that such environments play in creating a sense of belonging. This sense of regional identity is both reflected in and reinforced through the writings about the region. The interplay of natural forms, narration and emotion form the basis for the typographical journey represented in the final piece.